About us

KEYTIME Enterprises Limited is a watch manufacturer and exporter found in Hong Kong with production base in China. With our creativity and over 15 years of experience in this industry; we aim to provide one stop watch design and production solutions to our customer.

KEYTIME has determined to diversify it's products to meet the different tastes and requirement of consumers and customers. Our products range from economic alloy watches to high quality stainless steel chronograph watches. We also provide tailor-made OEM and ODM projects to meet our customer requirements. We are also one of the few company in capable to produce Tritium watches in the world.

Why choose us

To provide excellent service to meet our customer expectation, stringent measures are taken in every stages of the assembly process to maintain high quality standard of our products. In house incoming quality control controller ensured every parts of every watches are up to our standard. Quality control  specialists are also assigned to monitor every step in assembly process. The end products are inspected by our Quality Assurance team to make sure the products meet our customers requirements.

KEYTIME believes in customer satisfaction and feels our customers deserve the best available. With our dedication and knowledgeable service, we provide high quality customer service and focus on long-term relationships with our customers to ensure continuous and seamless service and reliability. We are committed to making each customer completely satisfied with their purchase at KEYTIME and stand fully behind its quality and service.